Rappcats x Groove Merchant 2017: Photos and Recap

On January 13, 2017 we loaded up a rental van with as many records, posters, and ephemera as it could hold and we drove down the 5 South to Los Angeles. It was the first time Groove Merchant has held a remote event outside of the Bay Area and it won't be our last. 

Over the next two days we held down our pop-up at one of LA's legendary vinyl institutions: Rappcats/ Now-Again Records (Highland Park). It was a fun weekend spent with old friends, new acquaintances, and even some familiar faces who trekked down from the Bay in support. Safe to say the mission was a great success and we hope to make the trip back in the future for a second installation of Groove Merchant x Rappcats.

In Chris' own words the lead-up to the event was described as follows:

“I will be bringing upwards of 2,500 records. They’re will be a supreme focus on the American Private press with over 1,000 LP’s represented. They’re will be a very strong showing on international music of all shades in all genres. There will be Jazz, Rock, Folk, Soul, Disco of the under the radar variety and of the classic variety. They’re will be Grails and loads of $5 jammers. Above all, they’re will be a lot of shit you have never seen.

I will also bring a eye-popping wall of posters and music ephemera, many of which rarely surface in any shape or form. They’re will be gig posters, handbills, books, clothes, rare photos, pins and badges.”

"Record People" collaborator Adrian Martinez was on-hand as well all weekend long to help with the event. While we were in town he blasted through a few rolls of film and here are some of the images he managed to capture.