Buying collections:
We purchase small to large collections 7 days a week!

How does it work?

Simply send an initial message via our contact page and we will respond to you immediately. You can also call the shop directly and leave your information. Unlike most shops, we do not require you to bring record collections to us. We have days set aside weekly for house call appointments. We travel the entire Bay Area and California, and can accommodate out of state buys if needed. If you prefer to bring in your collection in person, that is easily arranged as well.

Most shops actually prefer you to lug collections, park and unload, knowing the last thing you want to do is repeat this process no matter how unreasonable the offer...

How much do we pay for records?

In nearly all situations: Top Dollar. Many claim it, very few deliver it. Please give me the opportunity to show and prove it. Most shops operate on an outdated model, and make offers based on quantity and low lump sum offers. I have a very transparent system that I'm glad to share with you. It's simple and based on a specific criteria and on individual records that might stand out. We will go over these all of the specifics when we have a phone or email conversation- so please get in touch!

What do we buy?

Basically all genres, with an emphasis on Jazz, Soul, Rock & Roll, Blues and international music. We buy LP's and 45's. We will also look at any music related ephemera (posters, flyers, fan merchandise, tees), vintage hi-fi, and some instruments.